SAGAS DROP SEPTEMBER 11TH NEVER FORGET


still got no hoes
so i'm pouring four o's
solo cup double up
3 percs fizzle at the bottom 
if you don't know
hit you when i thrown bones from a pile of skeletons still sitting in my front lawn
drawn to the shadow
call me shadowkhan
crawl to the gallows
now the shadow gone
born with an arrow
sharp with a broken bow
aim it at the fucking battlefront 
ladder climbing up to her window
glass shatters now i'm playing fucking limbo
yeah, i got the cut on my neck
now that bitch wet
only fucking with me when she thinks i'm depressed
told that bitch "bet."
ima fucking jet 
no sweat
ima sip lead
swallow fucking bullets til my lips seep red
ruby been dead


yung james jones
sipping on that throwed
mac 11 grip
and my fucking pistol all chrome
i'm fucking bound to bone
bound to the phonk
every day a different day
still getting throwed
middle finer to the hoes
middle finger to the world
umbrella for the tears and the red rain coming down my eyelids 
hate show biz
hate all the fame shit
vanish away like spaceghostpurrp did
either that or blow a hole through my head, shit
cuz things ain't what it is
everything switched
its like i'm watching a movie and i've seen the end
pretend smiles turn to whispers when your body turns
scarecrow bout to burn up in an urn